Sorry for the bulk post!!
Requested by Anon: Pictures of Fabric Paint make up done in grey (I only had yellow before!)
Disclaimer: I’ve heard a lot about the different bad effects of fabric paint as make up. I have heard some people get minor allergic reactions — so be careful and test it out on your hand before doing this!! NEVER put this on your face — the skin is sensitive — use an alternative such as Ben Nye! I have looked up the ingredients to the make up. It is nontoxic and chronic exposure causes no side effects to bodily organs. That in mind, you still do not want to use it too often. 
Materials you’ll need: Tulip Brand Soft Fabric Paint Black + White, Empty paint containers (to mix it), paint brush, baby powder, lotion, rubbing alcohol (for removal.) 

1. After you’ve mixed the paint to your desire shade, you’ll paint! This fabric paint is highly blue pigmented so if your paint for your face is not, I recommend buying small containers of yellow, brown and green to mix with it. Now simply paint it on and let it dry!! It’ll stay a bit shiny even after drying so don’t wait too long.
2. So you’ll notice it’s uncomfortably sticky and elephant-skin looking at this time! To help out a bit, you’ll apply a bit of lotion. It’ll make it feel a lot less sticky and keep your skin nice and soft.
3. Now to help even more, Apply baby powder! Use a big powder brush and just go at it. Honestly it helps a lot — it makes it a lot less sticky and brings the color down a lot. Makes it look a lot less elephant looking as well, haha. Oh, also, a warning! I applied way too much onto my hands which caused it to crack. You honestly don’t need much more than a layer, especially on your hands where it really fills in wrinkles!
4. Bam done! Applied any nailpolish/fake nails. This picture was taken in natural lighting! The fabric paint looks a bit wrinkly on your hands and is incredibly smooth on the arms. If you have ever used PAX before, it looks similar to it, yet a bit less peel-y. 

Well there it is! It’s a lot cheaper than other methods and it’s fast. Cons are the texture it can bring if you apply too much and just naturally from filling in cracks — but honestly even airbrush make up does that quite a bit. It lasts a long time, even with rubbing, comes off in peels (it doesnt rub off and get all over clothing), and actually comes off easily with rubbing alcohol! I had absolutely no problem removing it. 

Have any questions just let me know!!